V025: Les Musiciens du Quatuor: Vienne, 1er Mouvement

1991, VHS (PAL) color, 1:02:00, in English and German with French subtitles

L'I.N.A. / La S.E.P.T. / C.S.T. / M.T.V. France
Produced by Georges Zeisel
Scenario by Georges Zeisel and Catherine Zins
With: Norbert Brainen, violinist and Hatto Beyerle, violist; Le Quatuor Ysaÿe; Le Quatuor Parisii

Credits listed at end.

Time Description
00:00 Color bars, high-pitched drone
01:20 Credits
02:19 Quartet playing Schubert? (b/w footage of Amadeus Quartet)
03:15 Interview with Norbert Brainen of the Amadeus Quartet
03:46 "I. Vienne, Premier Mouvement"
04:00 Quartet rehearsing Haydn op. 1/1 (1760)
06:00 Map of Austria-Hungary, Austro-Hungarian countryside, Melk
06:50 Quartet
07:58 Interview with Brainen, discussing Haydn's career, scenes of Esterhazy
09:15 Haydn op. 20/2 (1772)
11:00 Engravings and illustrations of copyists and publishers
12:11 Brainen discussing op. 33, Haydn's Motivführung
15:50 Quartet performing Haydn op. 33/2 (1782)
17:15 Mozart quartets dedicated to Haydn, quartet rehearsing Mozart K. 387 (1782)
19:00 Brainen discussing relationship between Mozart and Haydn
21:00 Scenes of Vienna, Brainen discussing Beethoven's arrival in Vienna in 1792
22:19 Quartet performing Haydn op. 76/5 (1797)
24:50 Brainen discussing Beethoven
25:50 Quartet rehearsing Beethoven op. 18/1 (1800)
30:20 Brainen discussing the public performances by Schuppanzigh's quartet
30:56 Quartet performing Beethoven op. 59/1 (1806)
32:45 Quartet rehearsing Beethoven op. 59/1 (ii.). Brainen coaches them.
36:20 Interior of Upper Belvedere
36:43 Quartet rehearsing Beethoven op. 59/3 (1807)
39:25 Brainen discussing the working relationship of a string quartet (the Amadeus Quartet played together for 40 years). Footage of the AQ performing a Schubert Quartettsatz (1820)
42:00 Vineyards, interview in heuriger with Hatto Beyerle, discussing Schubert
44:15 Beyerle performing the "Trout Quintet" (1819) in a Hauskonzert
46:36 Beyerle discussing the "sweetness" of the Viennese sound, "der Wiener ist nicht aggressiv"
48:20 Alban Berg Quartet performing Schubert Quartet No. 14, "Death and the Maiden" (1824)
51:13 Brainen discussing the "divine inspiration" of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert
52:22 Quartet rehearsing Beethoven op. 135 (1826)
56:30 Brainen discussing Beethoven's last works
57:33 Engravings of quartet performances, concert posters, photos of string quartets. Footage of the Amadeus Quartet performing Beethoven op. 135
1:02:00 End


Ysaÿe Quartet
C. Giovaninetti, violin
L.M. Aguera, violin
M. da Silva, viola
M. Poulet, cello

Parisii Quartet
T. Brodard, violin
J.M. Berrette, violin
D. Lobet, viola
J.P. Martignoni, cello

H. Beyerle, viola

L. Griensteidl, violin
Dr. H. Krisper, cello
H. Marschik, contrabass